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January 27, 2006

Repent America mourns at Independence Hall

In Philadelphia today, Repent America (RA) mourned over the American Holocaust by showing its reality. The presentation took place near the Liberty Bell at Independence Hall to memorialize 33 years of "legalized" abortion in America.

This week marked the 33rd anniversary of the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision. Since 1973 over 45 million children have lost their lives at the hands of abortionists with the permission and funding of the United States government.

Looking out the large window of where the Liberty Bell is housed and throughout the Independence Hall area, thousands of visitors were able to clearly see the face of pro-choice America. It was here that RA held signs displaying the reality of abortion and called the American people to repentance for tolerating the killing of innocent children in our nation for so long.

The Word of God prominently displayed on the Liberty Bell declares: "Proclaim liberty throughout all the land, unto the inhabitants thereof." (Leviticus 25:10)

The holocaust continues because the church is silent.

"Open thy mouth for the dumb (voiceless) in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction. Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy." (Proverbs 31:8-9)

Cashman's change in child rapist sentence still not enough

Judge Edward Cashman changed his mind, in part, when he decided yesterday to increase his original 60-day sentence for child rapist Mark Hulett to a minimum of there years in prison.

Hulett, 34, had pleaded guilty to charges that he had repeatedly sodomized a Vermont girl beginning when she was six years old. The state's guidelines provide for eight to 20 years for such crimes, which is within what prosecutors were seeking.

At his original sentencing, Cashman cited that the Corrections Department would not afford Hulett "sex offender treatment" because they believed that he was not likely to reoffend. Therefore, Cashman believed that the only way to ensure public safety was to give the child rapist a 60-day sentence so that he could be afforded the treatment outside of prison.

Cashman's treatment over punishment decision as being the reason why he initially issued the looser sentence is without merit. This is proven by the fact that the Corrections Department is now willing to provide the treatment and the judge's new sentence still doesn't even come close to the state's sentencing guidelines of 8-20 years.

The resentence still does not fit the crime. It is still just as outrageous. It is still just as sickening. Judge Cashman must be ousted, especially after having another opportunity to make his wrong right. The judge has chosen to disregard the state's sentencing guidelines and let a man who should be facing the death penalty for his heinous crimes to be free in a few years.

Let us pray for Judge Cashman and for Mark Hulett, and especially for the victim in this case. Let us never let our righteous anger subside and be a voice for all the children who have been and who are being victimized.

"Open thy mouth for the dumb (voiceless) in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction. Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy." (Proverbs 31:8-9)

January 24, 2006

Newspaper editor takes the side of Repent America

In today's edition of the Daily Local News, the editor boldy declares: "West Chester University officials had no right to stop Michael Marcavage and fellow members of Repent America from doing what they were doing."

The editor of the liberal-leaning publication, which serves all of Chester County, Pennsylvania, is voicing his concerns over the ongoing prosecution of Michael Marcavage for refusing to surrender his First Amendment rights near the campus of West Chester University.

The incident occurred during Repent America's annual pro-life evangelism tour in October of 2005 in which Marcavage was displaying a sign with the reality of abortion on a public sidewalk near campus. Subsequently, he was cited by university police for "Defiant Trespass", which is now being prosecuted by the Chester County District Attorney's office. Marcavage faces up to a year in prison and a $2,500 fine.

The editor states in his article called "Free speech comes after a 2-hour wait at West Chester U." that "West Chester University officials should admit their mistake in this case and let Marcavage continue in peace. They should not waste taxpayer dollars fighting a case that they will lose."

"It's time for West Chester University to practice what it teaches. It's time for it to become the place where various viewpoints and ideas are encouraged, not regulated," the editor concludes.

January 23, 2006

Speaker of the House's motion for reargument denied

In another victory for Repent America (RA), the Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives has lost his attempt to stop RA's legal challenge against an addition to the state's thought crimes law.

The lawsuit challenges the unconstitutional actions of the legislature by illegally amending a bill seeking to prohibit the destruction of farm property, to add language to protect individuals victimized from crime on the basis of "actual or perceived . . . ancestry, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity."

On December 22, 2005, a three judge panel in the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania unanimously ruled in favor of Repent America by rejecting all of the Commonwealth parties' preliminary objections to the lawsuit. Subsequently, Speaker John M. Perzel (R) decided to fight against the decision by filing a motion for reargument, but his application was denied by Commonwealth Court President Judge James Gardner Collins.

In October of 2004, the law called "Ethnic Intimidation" was used to charge and jail eleven Christians with Repent America for ministering the Gospel at a publicly-funded homosexual event in Philadelphia. RA's legal challenge against the legislature is now headed to trial with the hope and intention of eliminating this law that has been used, and will be used again, to silence the Gospel message.

Click here to view a copy of the lawsuit.

January 20, 2006

Homosexual agenda pushing for approval in the church

The homosexual agenda is quickly advancing and pushing for approval inside the walls of the modern-day church. The most recent example comes from Every Tribe Entertainment (ETE), a company made-up of professing Christians, which has created a film about five martyred missionaries (Nate Saint, Ed McCully, Jim Elliot, Peter Fleming, and Roger Youderian) with the starring role played by a proud, blasphemous homosexual.

The $20 million film produced by ETE called "End of the Spear" was released in theaters nationwide today, which tells the story from the angle of Nate Saint, one of the missionaries murdered by the Waodani tribe in the Ecuadorian jungles of the Amazon, and his son Steve Saint.

The film's production was funded by Mart Green, who is the Founder and CEO of ETE, and who also owns a growing chain of 21 Christian-based bookstores called "Mardel Christian and Educational Supply." Green served as the executive producer of the film.

Green's company cast the father-son starring role of both Steve and Nate Saint to outspoken homosexual activist Chad Allen, who is now using the film to encourage "bridge-building" between Christians and those who proudly engage in the sexually deviant behavior. During an interview with Larry King several days ago, Allen stated:

"You know, I made this movie with a group of conservative Christians who do not agree with my expression of sexuality. But we said to each other, I will walk with you accepting your differences and we can create together. I will give you your space to respect you fully. They don't need to take away from my freedom, I don't need to take away from theirs. And I am so proud to have done that. That's the kind of bridge-building I think we can get to."

The "End of the Spear" website initially cited one of Allen's credentials as producing the blasphemous play "Corpus Christie." It had cited:

"Inspired by the tremendous critical and audience response, Allen rode the momentum, pressing numerous productions, and struck gold with the first ever Los Angeles staging of Terence McNally's 'Corpus Christie.'"

"Corpus Christie" (Latin for Body of Christ) is a play that depicts Jesus Christ as a homosexual who engages in sex with his disciples. The information was promptly removed after I wrote ETE to inquire about Allen's involvement in the film and why such credentials would be hailed on the film's website. I wrote in part:

"I am deeply grieved by your company's willful failure to screen the background of the actors taking part in your films. Chad Allen's involvement in sodomy has already destroyed the film's credibility.

It also seems that you are not ashamed of Allen's participation in 'Corpus Christi.' This play, which depicts Jesus Christ as a homosexual who engages in sex with his disciples, is proudly displayed on the 'End of the Spear' website as one of Allen's credentials."

Here is ETE's official position on why they cast Allen in the film:

"Thank you for contacting us and expressing your concern that Chad Allen was cast in End of the Spear. Movie making is a day to day industry involving a great diversity of people. We don't require the people working with us to conform to our understanding of scripture. We have chosen to tell true stories, and a common denominator of all of these stories is that they raise the question of what it can mean to live what the Bible says is true. When you are involved in a production with this foundation you will encounter and work through these questions on a day to day basis. We do not feel anyone should be excluded from this process and professional environment because they don't believe the way we do. Chad's performance in End of the Spear is noteworthy. End of the Spear is not about the film makers, rather it is about an incredible story. The story is what will be judged and debated by a world wide audience, and it is the only thing we are promoting. The story is greater than the storytellers and it would be an enormous disservice if great stories of faith like this one were reduced to the human shortcomings of the film makers. We invite you to experience End of the Spear and then judge for yourself the message you are left with." (emphasis added)

The bottom line of these professing Christian film makers is that we should shelf the Scriptures for "diversity" and "inclusion."

Aside from Allen's involvement in the film, some initial reviews should also raise concerns over the film's objective. According to comments by Christian singer/songwriter Steve Camp, "the film nowhere presents the gospel; barely- if at all - mentions the name of the Lord; and turns the true life story of five brave men burdened to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to lost people who had never heard of Him (Rom. 15:20), into a secularized, humanitarian, politically correct, wishy-washy B-rated movie."

This report is not a surprise since there is not one single reference to Jesus Christ or the Gospel on the production company's official website, nor is there on the movie's official website.

Christians should not pay to go and see this movie. Money should not be channeled into a Christian-identifying company that has spent $20 million dollars on a film that does not include a clear presentation of the Gospel message, specially in the case of telling the story of martyred missionaries.

Additionally, money should not be directed to a company that freely spends millions, and then claims to have been ignorant of its starring actor's "shortcoming" of being a proud, practicing homosexual when he was selected for the role. What causes even more concern is that after this information was discovered in the film project's early stages, company executives still decided to use the actor. The results of these actions are disastrous with Allen now using the film to encourage "bridge-building" between Christians and those who partake in a lifestyle that leads to death. I wonder how much Allen will be making in movie royalties to help him with this goal.

Nate Saint's story must be told, but it does not need the help of a homosexual activist or ETE. These martyred missionaries are a testimony to the world for their devotion in taking the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth, but the peversion of Hollywood has attempted to destroy it. Therefore, let us make sure this never happens again by spending our money on missionaries who give their lives to reach the lost, instead of on movie tickets to pay the wages of wicked men.

As for learning more about these five martyred missionaries, I urge you to read Through Gates of Splendor, which was authored by the wife of slain missionary Jim Elliot.

Please now pray for Chad Allen and for all those who are trapped in bondage to the sin of homosexuality, as well as for those who have bought into its lies. Please also pray that ETE repents and refrains from shelving the Scriptures in its decision-making and in its future film productions.

"Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away." (2 Timothy 3:5)

January 17, 2006

DA escalates charge against Marcavage for pro-life witness

The Chester County District Attorney's Office in Pennsylvania has escalated a "Defiant Trespass" charge against Michael Marcavage for standing on a public sidewalk near a college campus with a pro-life witness.

In October of 2005 during RA's annual pro-life evangelism tour, Michael Marcavage was standing near the public campus of West Chester University (West Chester, Pennsylvania) displaying a sign with the reality of abortion. Subsequently, university police cited Marcavage for "Defiant Trespass" for refusing to surrender his constitutionally protected rights to "free exercise of religion" and "free speech".

On January 4, 2006, university officials attempted to have the attorney for the Pennsylvania System of Higher Education illegally argue the criminal case, which is prohibited by the state's rules of criminal procedure without the authorization of the district attorney. The judge granted a continuance until January 18, 2006 so that the university officials would have another opportunity to seek the necessary authorization.

Today, Chester County District Attorney Joseph W. Carroll has ordered that the university police drop the summary offense of "Defiant Trespass" against Marcavage, so that they can file a criminal complaint to escalate the charge to a misdemeanor level offense. This change now subjects Marcavage to a preliminary hearing and possible jury trial if the charges are not dismissed. He faces up to a year in prison and a $2,500 fine.

Please pray for the Lord to be lifted up in this case, and we strongly encourage you to please contact the Chester County District Attorney's Office to voice your opposition to using our criminal courts to suppress the Word of God and to express your objections to this illegal prosecution.

Click here for additional information.

January 16, 2006

RA petition causing a stir in VT's House of Representatives

Repent America's online petition calling for the impeachment of Judge Edward Cashman is receiving particular attention by some members of the Vermont House of Representatives.

Rep. Loren T. Shaw had this to say about RA's petition calling for Judge Cashman's impeachment: "I will do everything within my power to make it happen!"

Another Vermont state representative has offered to speak with RA about what is being done to address the actions of Judge Cashman, and stated: "I appreciate the respectful wording of your Petition and thank you for your efforts to call America to repentance."

Other responses were not so favorable...

George C. Cross, the chair of the House Education Committee, had these words of advice for one Pennsylvania grandmother who signed the petition: "I would suggest that you spend your time worrying about Sen. Santorum and leave Vermont's problems to those of us who work on them daily!"

It is our hope and prayer that other members of the legislature will follow Rep. Shaw's lead by taking the necessary steps to have Judge Cashman removed from the bench for sentencing a child rapist to only 60 days in prison. Please pray to this end.

If you have not already, please sign the petition.

January 14, 2006

Key Republican attempts to justify Cashman's sentence

How far are some Vermont Republicans willing to go? Rep. Michael Kainen, the ranking Republican on Vermont's House Judiciary Committee, is now attempting to justify the 60-day sentence given to child rapist Mark Hulett, along with the chair of the House Education Committee.

In response to Repent America's petition being sent to all the members of the Vermont House of Representatives, George C. Cross, the chair of the House Education Committee, had these words of advice for one Pennsylvania grandmother who signed the petition: "I would suggest that you spend your time worrying about Sen. Santorum and leave Vermont's problems to those of us who work on them daily!"

Mr. Cross is also forwarding an article to others who have participated in the petition drive, citing that the media is partly to blame for the furor over Judge Cashman's loose sentence. The article entitled "GOP lawmaker says media partly to blame in sex-offender story" includes the remarks of Rep. Kainen who asserts that the child rapist will spend more than 60 days in prison.

According to the report, Rep. Kainen stated, "If it were accurately reported, I think there would have been a little less furor." These comments were made at the end of a news briefing in which the leadership of the Judiciary Committee outlined its latest proposal for tackling sexual crimes. In regards to Rep. Kainen's comments, the AP story further states:

"Kainen said one of the things he had done was read the judge's sentencing memorandum and he had concluded that there was very little likelihood that Hulett would serve just 60 days, especially now that the administration has said he will receive sexual offender treatment.

The judge placed a long list of stringent conditions on when and how he can be released, setting the stage for potentially a life sentence, Kainen said. 'What Cashman did was essentially civil commit this guy,' Kainen said."

Less furor Rep. Kainen? It is a fact that this child rapist received a minimum 60-day sentence and could possibly serve more time. However, the possibility that Mark Hulett will serve more time should in no way diminish the furor over the severely inadequate sentence Judge Cashman issued, nor does it override his actions and position of no longer willing to administer justice through punishment for such heinous crimes.

Sadly, Rep. Kainen, Rep. Cross, and others are now attempting to calm down those outraged over the loose sentence that Judge Cashman issued to the child rapist. The reason? Perhaps it's because Judge Cashman was appointed by a Republican Governor and is considered to be a "conservative" who actually at one time issued harsh sentences. Therefore, they choose to stand by their man, instead of for what is right and by doing what must be done.

However, there is at least one Republican state representative who should be applauded, Rep. Loren T. Shaw. He had this to say about RA's petition calling for Judge Cashman's impeachment: "I will do everything within my power to make it happen!"

It must be said that Judge Cashman's past should not be used to vindicate his present actions. Remember Judge George Greer, the church-going Republican, who illegally ordered the execution of Terri Schiavo? These judges have got to go!

January 08, 2006

Republican powwow held in a Philadelphia church

I'm not surprised, but I wish I was. This evening, a group of Republican Christians and a Roman Catholic senator gathered in a Philadelphia church to support Judge Samuel Alito for the U.S. Supreme Court. After a worship service, these well-known speakers voiced from the pulpit their support for the nominee.

The event called "Justice Sunday III: Proclaim Liberty throughout the Land" was held at Greater Exodus Baptist Church on the eve prior to the start of Alito's confirmation hearings. Its pastor, Herbert Lusk, a former NFL football player and advisor to President Bush, said that his church hosted the event because "this is what Jesus would have me to do as a pastor," and that he is "not following dictates of Bush, Falwell, or Tony (Perkins)... I'm following the dictates of my Lord."

The event was sponsored by the Family Research Council. The organization's website included the following message concerning the presentation:

"On January 8, 'Justice Sunday III: Proclaim Liberty throughout the Land' aired from the Greater Exodus Baptist Church in Philadelphia, and with the help of Christian television and radio networks like TBN, Sky Angel, America Family Radio, Salem Radio, and Bott Radio Network, the message of Justice Sunday III had the potential to reach 80 million households in all 50 states."

The event speakers included: Tony Perkins, Dr. James Dobson, Rev. Herbert Lusk, Bishop Wellington Boone, U.S. Senator Rick Santorum, Dr. Jerry Falwell, and Dr. Alveda C. King, while others participated via video package, including Reclaiming America's Dr. D. James Kennedy, WallBuilders' David Barton, and the Catholic League's Bill Donohue, et al.

It is saddening and quite remarkable as to how quickly Christians are willing to come together, specially with those who are not born again, to advocate and lead others in support of nominees who may not have a saving faith in Jesus Christ.

In this particular case, Samuel Alito, a Roman Catholic who is tied together with the Republican party, may have conservative leanings, but this does not necessarily mean that he is a God-fearing man worthy to serve in public office. This determination must be made from a Biblical perspective and with a proper understanding of law and government.

William Penn resounded in his day: "If thou wouldst rule well, thou must rule for God, and to do that, thou must be ruled by him. Those who will not be governed by God will be ruled by tyrants." These words speak just as loudly today, not just because Penn voiced them, but because he was speaking a spiritual truth. "The Spirit of the LORD spake by me, and his word was in my tongue. The God of Israel said, the Rock of Israel spake to me, He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God." (2 Samuel 23:2-3)

In the case of a professed Christian, it is still important that the nominee's record is reviewed thoroughly and clearly reflects where the person stands on the moral issues of our day before one word of support is voiced for them. Remember Harriet Miers.

As for Samuel Alito, Christians should not play dumb or be willfully ignorant when it comes to responding to questions pertaining to Alito's decisions favoring abortion. I, of course, do not know all the intentions of these religious leaders when the engage in vocally supporting such nominees, but what is clear to me is that they are acting as Republicans instead of Christians first.

For example, just four days ago during a conference call in relationship to "Justice Sunday III", Jerry Falwell was asked a question by talk-show host John Lofton regarding his position on Samuel Alito being pro-life. Here is the dialogue directly from the transcript:

LOFTON: "Dr. Falwell said earlier that you believe Samuel Alito is pro-life. Samuel Alito, while a judge, has voted to strike down a ban on partial-birth abortion, he has repeatedly cited approvingly Roe v. Wade, which he didn't have to do, and in a wrongful-death negligence case involving an 8-and-a-half month stillborn baby, he ruled against the mother, saying the unborn baby was not constitutionally a person. I'd like to ask Dr. Falwell: Upon what is your view based that Samuel Alito is pro-life?"

FALWELL: "Based upon the promise of the president that he would appoint persons like Scalia and Thomas. The president's never lied to me about anything before or, to my knowledge, anyone else. And while I am not, John, versed on the particular cases you are talking about, I will get versed on them because I don't believe he's done that."

LOFTON: "OK. Well, that is his record and that is the way he's voted, and I would have thought you would have checked his record prior to endorsing him. Thank you very much, sir."

According to Falwell's belief system, Bush kept this "promise" when he nominated Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court; otherwise, it puts Falwell in a terribly flawed position by obviously showing that the President's promises are not always absolute. The best lesson on this subject comes from the Holy Scriptures, which teaches: "Cease ye from man, whose breath is in his nostrils: for wherein is he to be accounted of?" (Isaiah 2:22)

I am, however, curious if Falwell did "get versed on" the cases that Mr. Lofton brought to his attention since he decided tonight without any hesitation or reservation to passionately declare from the puplit that Samuel Alito should be confirmed. His exact words:

"Go to the telephone, write your letter, get to your U.S. senators. Let's confirm this man, Judge Alito, to the U.S. Supreme Court," Falwell said. "And let's make one more step toward bringing America back to one nation under God."

As I have stated before, John Jay, first Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court said it best with the following words: "Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers."

The standard should not be Scalia and Thomas as Mr. Falwell and others have stated, but should be based on whether or not the nominee is a follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is necessitous to restoring our God-given freedoms that nominees are chosen who recognize that law and government come from God, and who are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Word of God prominently displayed on the Liberty Bell declares: "Proclaim liberty throughout all the land, unto the inhabitants thereof." (Leviticus 25:10)

January 07, 2006

RA is runner-up for Phila. Gay News' Person of the Year

In a strange declaration by the Philadelphia Gay News (PGN), it has chosen Repent America (RA) as a runner-up for its 2005 Person of the Year award for pushing back the homosexual movement.

"Repent America's legal actions, however, have forced gay-rights advocates to use time, money and resources to protect hard-won civil rights instead of furthering the gay-rights movement," the homosexual publication cites. "For its relentlessly (sic) anti-gay actions and agenda, Repent America is a runner-up for PGN's Person of the Year," it concludes.

RA was one of eight runner-ups for the homosexual publication's 2005 Person of the Year award, and interestingly, was the only entity amongst those chosen who oppose homosexuality.

Speaker of the House fights to keep thought crime law

The Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, John M. Perzel (R), has decided to fight against a Court's unanimous decision in favor of a lawsuit by Repent America (RA) against an addition to the Commonwealth's thought crime law.

On December 22, a three judge panel in the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania unanimously ruled in favor of RA's legal challenge to the unconstitutional manner in which an addition to the Commonwealth's "hate crimes" law was passed. The Court rejected all of the Commonwealth parties' preliminary objections, propelling the case toward trial.

Please pray that RA is victorious over this motion, and that the lawsuit proceeds to trial for a full and fair opportunity to address the outrageous behavior by the legislature.

In October of 2004, the Pennsylvania thought crime law called "Ethnic Intimidation" was used to charge eleven Christians with RA in Philadelphia. The Christians were arrested and jailed while ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ at a homosexual event because the message offended those in attendance. The charge, along with a host of other charges, were later dismissed.

January 06, 2006

Impeach Vermont District Court Judge Edward Cashman

District Court Judge Edward Cashman of Vermont is allowing a child rapist who confessed to repeatedly raping a girl over a four-year period to go free in 60 days.

At the sentencing phase of the criminal proceedings, Judge Cashman argued against prosecutors who asserted that Mark Hulett deserved eight to 20 years in prison for raping the girl since she was six years old.

Judge Cashman, claiming that he no longer believes in punishment, lectured the packed courtroom mostly made up of family and friends of the victim: "The one message I want to get through is that anger doesn't solve anything. It just corrodes your soul." Cashman stated that a lengthy prison term "will accomplish nothing but to harden this fellow," citing that the man needs treatment instead of punishment for his crimes.

Prior to the decision, Deputy Prosecutor Nicole Andreson argued punishment "is a valid purpose."

The decision by Judge Cashman to allow this child rapist to essentially go free is inexcusable. The judge's confessed belief of no longer desiring to administer justice, accompanied by his actions in this case, are sufficient grounds for impeachment. A judge who does not believe in punishment is a judge who is a danger to all people.

Judge Cashman's sentence sends a clear message to those who desire to rape children, which is, "Go ahead and I'll make sure you get out in no time."

Under the Vermont Constitution, the legislature has the ability to impeach judges. Therefore, please contact Vermont's House of Representatives at (802) 828-2228, ask to speak with a state representative, and encourage the representative to take the necessary steps to have Judge Edward Cashman impeached. Additionally, contact the prosecutor assigned to the case, Nicole Andreson, at (802) 863-2865 and exhort her to file an appeal, which must be done within seven days.

Judge Cashman was appointed by former Republican Governor Richard Snelling (now deceased) on January 26, 1982. His current term ends on March 31, 2007 at which time he could be retained. Please call his office at (802) 651-1950, ask to speak to court manager Chris Brock, voice your opposition to the decision, and kindly ask that she forwards the message to Judge Cashman.

"For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil." (Romans 13:4)

January 05, 2006

University's attorney illegally attempts to prosecute case

A hearing that was to take place yesterday (Wednesday, Jan. 4) before a District Court in West Chester, Pa. concerning a trespassing charge against Michael Marcavage has been once again continued.

In October of 2005, Michael Marcavage was standing near the campus of West Chester University (West Chester, Pennsylvania) displaying a sign with the reality of abortion. University security cited Marcavage for "Defiant Trespass" for refusing to surrender his constitutionally protected rights to "free exercise of religion" and "free speech". The incident occurred during Repent America's annual pro-life evangelism tour.

West Chester University officials attempted to have their attorney argue the criminal case, which is prohibited by the Pennsylvania rules of criminal procedure. Authorization from the District Attorney's office is required for the university's legal counsel to proceed with the case.

The officers involved in charging Marcavage refused to argue the case themselves and requested a continuance, which was granted and scheduled for Wednesday, January 18, 2006.

For more information about this case, please click here.

January 04, 2006

Unintelligent board rescinds intelligent design policy

It's official. The new pro-evolution school board of the Dover Area School District has removed the policy of citing that Darwin's evolution is just a theory through a sticker placed on its biology textbooks.

Two weeks earlier, a judge ruled that referring to intelligent design in the classroom was unconstitutional. He was convinced by the ACLU and their advocates that the school board of the small country town became Congress and made a law respecting an establishment of religion.

The judge, however, was unable to explain how Congress was able to pull off the signing of the Declaration of Independence with references to "Nature's God" and affirmations that "all men are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights." Nor was he able to explain where "Blessings of Liberty" come from or why the phrase "in the Year of our Lord" is contained in the U.S. Constitution. In this case, the verdict is still out on what the framers intentions were for using such language.

By this judge's reasoning, the Declaration of Independence should not be taught in the classroom and the Constitution is unconstitutional.

In October of 2004, a different school board had control over the Dover Area School District and implemented the policy requiring that a statement be read to students about intelligent design before biology class lessons on evolution. The statement truthfully instructed students that Darwin's theory of evolution is "not a fact" and has "gaps" and referred students to a book in favor of Creation called "Of Pandas and People". Now, the decision in the case will not be appealed, and children will be taught Darwin's evolution theory as fact.

Dover biology teacher Jennifer Miller expressed relief that the policy was overturned by the new pro-evolution school board. "I will feel comfortable again teaching what I'd always felt comfortable teaching," she said following the board's reversal of the policy.

Ms. Miller and the new school board's desire to continue lying to children about man's existence and purpose is not a surprise considering they're evolutionists. The mere hint of there being intelligence behind the Creation causes those who do not believe in God, the intelligent designer, to do whatever possible to sear the conscience in an attempt to distance the mind from future accountability, regardless of who is affected.

It is about time that Repent America (RA) heads over to Dover to teach the truth about God's creation, and we'll start with the students. On March 17 and 18, RA will be conducting a Creation seminar in the Dover Area High School Auditorium. Please contact us for further details.

"For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse." (Romans 1:20)

January 03, 2006

Navy policy prohibits chaplain from praying in Jesus' name

An Episcopal priest is taking a stand for righteousness and should be supported. Lt. Gordon James Klingenschmitt is refusing to eat until the president takes action to allow him and other chaplains to pray in the name of Jesus.

Klingenschmitt is an Air Force Academy graduate who transferred to the Navy three years ago to be a chaplain. His contract was recently renewed, but the Navy is still preventing him from praying in the name of Jesus while in uniform. The chaplain is now fasting until he is allowed to wear his official uniform while praying a Christian prayer in public. "If I pray in Jesus' name in public, I have to wear civilian clothes," Klingenschmitt stated.

Let us pray for this man who is in battle to restore Christian liberty to military chaplains. Please contact the White House and tell President Bush that chaplains must be able to be free without the threat of termination to pray in the name of Jesus Christ.

"Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved." (Acts 4:12)

For further information: Episcopal priest continues fast in protest of Navy policy restricting Jesus prayers WorldNetDaily

January 01, 2006

AFA of PA nominates Philadelphia 11 for historic marker

The American Family Association of Pennsylvania (AFA of PA) has nominated the Philadelphia 11 for a national historic marker to be placed at the site of their arrests in Philadelphia.

According to the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC) website, the organization since 1946 has "administered a program of historical markers to capture the memory of people, places, and events that have affected the lives of Pennsylvanians over the centuries since William Penn founded his Commonwealth."

The PHMC has placed more than 2,000 historic markers across Pennsylvania to "tell the stories of Native Americans and settlers, government and politics, athletes, entertainers, artists, struggles for freedom and equality, factories and businesses, and a multitude of other topics."

AFA of PA has proposed the following text for the Philadelphia 11 historic marker: "On this site eleven members of Repent America, an evangelical Christian organization, were arrested on October 10, 2004. They were charged with a hate crime for preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and singing choruses at a homosexual event. This was the first time in America that Christians were arrested under a state hate crimes statute."

PHMC will now have the AFA of PA proposed marker "evaluated by a panel of independent experts from across the state and reviewed by PHMC commissioners the following spring."

Recently, PHMC approved and dedicated a marker to homosexual activists, which was unveiled by Executive Director Barbara Franco on July 1, 2005 and placed next to Independence Hall.

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"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." II Chronicles 7:14 KJV

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