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February 15, 2006 | 09:55 AM


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NRL fighting against life-saving legislation

It is particularly disturbing that a national pro-life organization would be fighting against pro-life legislation, but that is exactly what National Right to Life (NRL) is doing. Although divided, the group has been at odds with legislation that would ban abortion.

Whether it be state law or the federal Right to Life Act, the NRL refuses to get behind good legislation that would work toward putting an end to the bloody holocaust in America.

Case in point: NRL's state chapter in Michigan is currently refusing to support the efforts of a pro-life referendum proposed by Michigan Citizens for Life, which if approved by voters, would provide Constitutional protection to unborn children "from the moment of conception." The approved proposal would amend the Michigan State Constitution, adding the following language:

"The right to due process, whereby no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, guaranteed in Article 1 Section 17, and the right to equal protection of the law, guaranteed in Article 1, Section 2, vest at conception. A 'person' for the purposes of the Constitution and laws of the State of Michigan, exists from the moment of conception."

In another example, NRL opposed a pro-life bill proposed in South Dakota in 2004 that would have banned virtually all abortions in the state. Sadly, the bill was defeated by a single vote in the state's Senate. On March 26, 2004, WorldNetDaily reported:

" The public-interest Thomas More Law Center accuses National Right to Life of 'complicity' with pro-abortion groups over demise of the bill, designed to become the most restrictive abortion law in 30 years and help overturn the landmark 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision.

The Michigan-based law firm helped draft the bill, which would have banned virtually all abortions in that state and made abortion a felony punishable for up to 15 years. The bill passed the state House by an overwhelming majority, 54 to 14, before its narrow defeat in the Senate, 18-17.

In a news release, the More Center quoted a bewildered 25-year member of Right to Life and director of an abortion counseling service, Leslee Unruh.

'We were shocked, saddened and dismayed that National Right to Life lobbied against this bill,' she said. 'In effect, they aborted the right to life bill.'

Richard Thompson, president and chief counsel of the More Center concluded, 'One thing we know for sure, Planned Parenthood and NARAL could not be happier with National Right To Life.'"

This month, a bill similar to the proposed 2004 legislation in South Dakota was passed by South Dakota's House of Representatives, which is now headed to the state's Senate. Shamefully, the bill is receiving the same opposition by NRL as it did in 2004.

Additionally, NRL has refused to support and campagined against pro-life legislation in South Carolina, North Dakota, Georgia, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and elsewhere, including the proposed federal Right to Life Act, which was once again introduced in 2005.

In a telephone call with a staff person in NRL's national office, I inquired about their position against such pro-life legislation and was told that combating abortion must be done gradually with the majority of the American people's approval. This approach is unbiblical and clearly against Constitutional protections. A government-sanctioned and funded holocaust is raging in America against children in the womb with over 4,000 being murdered daily at the hands of abortionists, National Right to Life's 100-year-plan to end it should not be the strategy.

I have yet to hear from NRL' national office or any of their state chapters concerning any bill that they have ever introduced or supported that recognizes and protects the humanity of all preborn children.

(in development) more to come...

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