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December 28, 2005 | 09:11 PM


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Progress being made against thought crimes legislation

Repent America (RA) is making significant progress in combating existing thought crimes legislation in Pennsylvania, and against the proposed federal thought crimes law.

On December 22, a three judge panel in the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania unanimously ruled against the Pennsylvania legislature in a lawsuit by Repent America that challenges the unconstitutional manner the Commonwealth's "hate crimes" law was passed. The Court rejected all of the Commonwealth parties' preliminary objections and has propelled the case toward trial.

Earlier this month, U.S. Senator George Allen changed his mind about supporting "hate crimes" legislation as he reflected on what happened last year to eleven Christians with RA when they were arrested and jailed while ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ at a homosexual street festival. And before this, Pennsylvania State Representative Tom Yewcic (Democrat - Cambria County) extended his support by introducing H.B. 204 to repeal the addition to the Commonwealth's "hate" law. This bill is currently in the House Judiciary Committee with seventeen state representatives in support.

The Lord has blessed us with many opportunities to raise national awareness about the dangers of "hate crimes" legislation, and with His help, we will continue to do so. Now, we ask you to diligently pray as we utilize due process to challenge the illegal actions of the Pennsylvania legislature, and those actions that affect our ability to freely preach against sin and about the freedom that comes through Jesus Christ.


i think this is great what you are doing in regards to the hate crimes laws but i think it may be too late for America as there are not many principled politicians

It's a shame that the act of Christians warning homosexuals of impending doom is considered hate.

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